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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Viar Also Present Motor Sport Cheap In Indonesia

JAKARTA - In addition to having variant duck, and immediately launched a scooter, Viar also turned out to have a brand-new motor sport, which is certainly very reasonable priced.

According to the Marketing Division Head of PT Triangle Motorindo (TM) Ahmad Zafitra Dalie, Viar new motor sport is called Vix-R. "We luncurkannya December 15 last at our factory in Semarang," he said while talking on Thursday night (7/1/2010).

This brand-new motor sport brings Dalie said that during the 150 cc engine was also filled by many players both Japanese and Chinese manufacturers.

With a full fairing design, brand holders Viar TM as in Indonesia would like to present something to the bikers berebeda country.

"We try to offer low-class motor sport for the segment because the price is very affordable," he stated. That, perhaps not excessive, given the Viar Vix dibanderol-R only Rp14, 5 million on the road in Jakarta. "If in the area may be different price," he said.

Although quite affordable dikantong-bag of our society, Vix-R should not be underestimated. Given these motors also use desian that is not far different from its competitors from Japan. Fairingnya full design truly reflects true motor sport.
Even the suspension Vix-R has been used upside down which is also used by other motor sport. "Motor bike we can compete with Japan," lid Dalie.

Meanwhile, PT Triangle Motorindo (TM) as the holder of a motorcycle brand Viar deliberately targeting the low end segment by presenting valuable tilt motors.

This was communicated by Marketing Division Head TM Zafitra Dalie Ahmad while talking.

For this type of duck for example, he describes three variants of the motors type Viar cub provided to the market in Indonesia is priced from Rp 7, 6 million on the road in Jakarta. "If in the price difference because there are shipping charges," he said.

As for the type of sport, TM provides Viar Maxi Viar Vix-P and-R. each motor is priced at Rp12, 7 million and Rp14, 5 million. "Both use a 150 cc engine," said Dalie.

He also explained that the difference in price between the two motor sport because each has a different character. For Maxi-P is more of a motor sport touring type, while the Vix-R using a full fairing.

This man also claimed that 80 percent of motorcycle sales Viar been using the credit payment system. Asiknya, in addition to already low price, these motors can be paid by installments with a low cost as well.

Dalie explained, the least expensive installment Viar product that is in financial institutions (leasing) amounted to Rp299 thousand today with a down payment (DP) Rp1 million.

"So if likened to people staying put aside Rp10 thousand per day to pay the mortgage. It's certainly cheaper than they ride public transportation," he said.

The strategy, said he deliberately implemented for motor output can be accepted by China's domestic market. "If the Chinese motor bike but the price difference with Japan is not much we definitely destroyed," he stated. (Ok2)

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