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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aprilia Work .... Son of the Indonesian Nation "Aprilia Karya Anak Bangsa

If you have a collection of image output Aprilia motorcycle, maybe a little confused with this view. At the bottom of the fairing and the tank is written Aprilia, but the Italian motorcycle manufacturer's catalog did not find that model. Then, the original of the bike is also gone.

In order not to wonder, is the original motorcycle Honda Tiger 2005, which has been modified by the G2C. Remarkably, all the body is made from 0.8 mm galvanized material is definitely more difficult than composing fiber using a mold.

In concept, according to Hery Shofiyulloh, fairingnya modeled Yamaha R6 model, but its size is adjusted again. Medium tank indeed imitate Aprilia design that has some curves and it becomes a challenge.

Unlike swing arm (arm) made his own. "That is to ensure the size fits within the body. That's the difference compared with the swing arm.'ve Pegged and baseball become creative again," said Ward who fly the same Hery benderan G2C.

Creation of "WardOyo other decent-thumbs-up to, see exhaust design. To view and model is not lost with the new motor. Sangar with two muzzle shape and position in the undertail." Shape indentation mufflers we also note, made in tune with rear body design. So between the body and the exhaust is stuck not contradictory, "said Hery


Honda Scoopy in Hand modifier

By default only, Scoopy Honda's retro appearance has been made forcefully. Currently, Honda scooter was already modified. Indeed, the results are not extreme. However, what is done by the three modifiers, each from two of Depok and Jakarta, made Scoopy become increasingly elegant appearance, and some even unique.

Let's look at the work of Depok Fadis Nofal. On the front shield is attached a kind of plastic material or swarovski crystal with gold and silver color. Interestingly, at night, it gets swarovski reflection of light from the LED on the top of the headlamp shell.

Views become more classics with the additional sepatbor ornament on the front, side and rear, including orders and a gold emblem on the front and rear wheels.

Another claim results from JJ Airbrush Jaedun Mukhtar, Jakarta. Although minimalist, with a spray gun motif make the appearance Scoopy sweeter. The impression that was strengthened again with ornaments sweetener, from front to back.

Let's look at the standard muffler protector, this section switch motif with translucent model. Seat was redesigned to be shorter and sweeter in the presence of added iron basket.

Another uniqueness, both wheels bolt replaced with a model of the fingers so that further reinforce the retro look. Then, under the tip of the front seat there are variations in the lattice wind. Very sweet!

Different again arable modifier Lipurnomo Johnny, owner of Custom World (CW). He tried to experiment with playing in the foot-feet and the installation of device variations so that, when membesutnya, plus happy aja.

Rear wheels using a wheel Rotara size of 5 x 14 inches. To teromolnya, according to Johnny, the same part BEAT or Vario. Width 5 inches is the maximum size without rewind wheel axis. In addition, there are also unique and caliper cover headlights and a hood wearing sein.

Yamaha Mio Customized Venus Against the Flow

Courage Budi Widanarko of Sidoarjo commendable. As in East Java again fever modification drag force and low-rider look, builder of Venus Customized it voted with the others, "The concept racing look. This is purely different and new," he said.

Although the renovation is done Budi on Yamaha Mio 2007 limited fashion, many racing ornament attached. Most notably, these two types of slick tire wear (without development).

Then the front suspension that dipermak models upside down so that it becomes longer and greater. Perhaps this skubek first rooster made in Sidoarjo. In fact, according to Budi, soknya it yourself using a variety of custom Mio. "Beneath still use a Mio, being on such a condom wrapped with 2 inch pipe. For chromed finishing it," said Budi.

Motor racing so close to the display, on the deck of the middle frame made stabilizer. Was limited to the display, baseball functions like in racing, the light Budi.

The back also overhauled. As monosok, have MX affixed to the Mio. Jok is a custom order to save the battery so that people think baseball is the battery.

In order to create the look of the motor in accordance with the concept, hollow cover model constrained CVT (add more) I'll look excited. Budi this bold step has a great risk when used for daily. Because the CVT should be free of dust, oil, and water.

But, once again, Budi want to show the handiwork of net Mio. Hence, many parts are chromed.


Modifications cool AND GOOD Balinese children's work

In the matter of quality and art to modify the motor, builders Bali no doubt. Several times their works ever shown in column modifications. Well, this time there is Yamaha Mio Subagio work from B Co, Denpasar, which are very radical modification.

Imagine, the original form of scooter production in 2007 was gone. In fact, it looks like motor concept. Subagio claim to want to launch their own work entirely different. "Indeed, the theme of sports scooter not new, but I want to keep trying to form itself," said Subagio.

Hence, he dismantle the entire body of original and create a new material with galvanized plate. If observed, such as Jupiter form the front of MX135LC. Subagio also confirmed that he modeled future duck Yamaha. "The MX is very sporty, fit with my concept," added the man from Malang is also a father with two children.

MX body characteristics that pointed Mio Soul is reflected in this. The front to rear in the form of cuneiform. In fact, the front seemed to want to gore because the handlebars like a horn.

Meanwhile, for the body, including the daring to make a design Bagio-perforated holes. "The concept of this will menimbulkasn modern impression and also definitely make people curious," said Bagio. However, the appearance of holes it was not even supported by the inside of a solid.

In addition, standard wheelbase Mio contrived retreat retreat by installing a 15 cm-long retreat. In this way, the motor becomes much bigger, especially after custom wheels with up to 5 inches wide mounted on the rear. Tricks rim width that is compatible with tongkrongan scooter with wheels bongsor delay.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Viar Also Present Motor Sport Cheap In Indonesia

JAKARTA - In addition to having variant duck, and immediately launched a scooter, Viar also turned out to have a brand-new motor sport, which is certainly very reasonable priced.

According to the Marketing Division Head of PT Triangle Motorindo (TM) Ahmad Zafitra Dalie, Viar new motor sport is called Vix-R. "We luncurkannya December 15 last at our factory in Semarang," he said while talking on Thursday night (7/1/2010).

This brand-new motor sport brings Dalie said that during the 150 cc engine was also filled by many players both Japanese and Chinese manufacturers.

With a full fairing design, brand holders Viar TM as in Indonesia would like to present something to the bikers berebeda country.

"We try to offer low-class motor sport for the segment because the price is very affordable," he stated. That, perhaps not excessive, given the Viar Vix dibanderol-R only Rp14, 5 million on the road in Jakarta. "If in the area may be different price," he said.

Although quite affordable dikantong-bag of our society, Vix-R should not be underestimated. Given these motors also use desian that is not far different from its competitors from Japan. Fairingnya full design truly reflects true motor sport.
Even the suspension Vix-R has been used upside down which is also used by other motor sport. "Motor bike we can compete with Japan," lid Dalie.

Meanwhile, PT Triangle Motorindo (TM) as the holder of a motorcycle brand Viar deliberately targeting the low end segment by presenting valuable tilt motors.

This was communicated by Marketing Division Head TM Zafitra Dalie Ahmad while talking.

For this type of duck for example, he describes three variants of the motors type Viar cub provided to the market in Indonesia is priced from Rp 7, 6 million on the road in Jakarta. "If in the price difference because there are shipping charges," he said.

As for the type of sport, TM provides Viar Maxi Viar Vix-P and-R. each motor is priced at Rp12, 7 million and Rp14, 5 million. "Both use a 150 cc engine," said Dalie.

He also explained that the difference in price between the two motor sport because each has a different character. For Maxi-P is more of a motor sport touring type, while the Vix-R using a full fairing.

This man also claimed that 80 percent of motorcycle sales Viar been using the credit payment system. Asiknya, in addition to already low price, these motors can be paid by installments with a low cost as well.

Dalie explained, the least expensive installment Viar product that is in financial institutions (leasing) amounted to Rp299 thousand today with a down payment (DP) Rp1 million.

"So if likened to people staying put aside Rp10 thousand per day to pay the mortgage. It's certainly cheaper than they ride public transportation," he said.

The strategy, said he deliberately implemented for motor output can be accepted by China's domestic market. "If the Chinese motor bike but the price difference with Japan is not much we definitely destroyed," he stated. (Ok2)

Jaguar, Motor Eksotik Dengan Kelincahan Seekor Kucing Hutan

LONDON (Berita SuaraMedia) - Namanya sebenarnya tidak menunjukkan segi kecepatannya.

Ini lebih ke arti yang sebenarnya. Konsep Jaguar oleh M-Cycles ini terinspirasi dari bentuk logo dari pabrikan Jaguar.

Panjangnya hampir 2,3 meter dengan fitur fiberglass pernis ebony diatas besi bajanya.

Sepeda motor ini awalnya didesign oleh Byron Hemmes, Bermondsey, South London dan diberi nama Jaguar Concept Motorcycle seperti diperkenalkan di situs resminya Massow Concept Cycles.

Tapi kini konsep Jaguar Concept Motorcycle sudah menjadi kenyataan dan diuji coba di jalan raya.

Mesin (1200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt engine) yang digunakan seluruhnya dibuat dari besi stainless steel kwalitas tinggi.

Seperti diberitakan oleh dailymail motor ini menghabiskan biaya £240,000 dan akan dijual dengan harga £320,000 (sekitar $567,000), kalau dirupiahkan sekitar Rp. 5,3 miliar. Wow…!!!

Spesifikasi lengkapnya:

- Panjang : 2.3 meters

- Jarak Roda dari tengah ke pusat: 1.7 meters

- Mesin 1200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt

- Tubuh Terbuat Dari high-grade stainless steel

- Asupan Udara sistem pembuangan sengaja dibuat meneyerupai seekor kucing atau jaguar

- Cat fairing: Fiberglass finished in ultra-high-gloss ebony polyurethane lacquer

- Lebar Stang: 1 meter

- Berat: 360 kg

- Tempat duduk model Stingray.

Minerva Fischer MRX 650

Minerva Fischer MRX 650. PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) telah siap meluncurkan produk motor sport terbaru 2010 "Minerva Fischer 650" di arena Pekan Raya Jakarta 2010 malam ini. Motor dengan kapasitas mesin 650 cc V-Twin yang mengambil basis dari mesin Hyosung 650 GTR, saat ini telah menempati singgasana untuk prosesi peluncurannya di stand Minerva.Minerva Sachs Fischer MRX 650 di Stand dengan balutan warna cat khas Minerva, biru dan putih, akan menjadi saksi lahirnya sosok motor sport ber cc besar yang diklaim Minerva untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pecinta motor ber cc besar dengan tampilan yang eksotis.

Disisi lain, kehadiran Fischer 650 ini untuk menjawab kebutuhan para penggila kecepatan. Dengan bandrol harga dikisaran Rp 120 juta hingga 130 juta rupiah, Fischer 650 hadir dengan menawarkan performa, disain dan harga yang kompetitif. Di stand Minerva sendiri terlihat jajaran keluarga Megelli 250 generasi terbaru yang sore ini pun siap meramaikan kancah bisnis roda dua.

Selain kedua motor sport "Minerva Fischer MRX 650" dan Megelli 250, MMI juga memajang line up keluarga seperti Minerva R150 VX, MadAss 125 dan GTR 150.

motor GP

Monday, September 27, 2010

Spesifikasi Dan Fitur Motor Honda Matic Baru 2010 PCX 125i

Spesifikasi Dan Fitur Motor Honda Matic Baru 2010 PCX 125i

SMaxi-skuter 125cc yang mengurangi konsumsi bahan bakar (fuel saver) diproduksi pertama di thailand, PCX 125i dilengkapi dengan CV Honda terbaru-Matic (V-belt transmisi variabel) dan Honda PCX 125i adalah motor Hybrid (percepatan dari 0km/h diaktifkan oleh elektrik motor) yang mengirit bahan bakar. Tampilan keseluruhan dari Honda PCX skuter memiliki smart, terlihat mewah dan salah satu skuter yang lebih besar Honda. Harga tidak diketahui dengan pasti, tetapi beberapa orang yang mengatakan tidak akan jauh dengan harga Honda Blade. Honda PCX Baru diciptakan untuk pengendara yang menginginkan kompak, Ekonomis, keuntungan dari skuter 125cc ini adalah modern, modis terlihat seperti matic yang bermesin besar. Dalam setiap aspek, mulai dari kebisingan yang rendah, emisi rendah yang mudah operasi untuk penanganan dan gambar kontemporer, Honda PCX dirancang sebagai motor praktis, cepat dan menyenangkan mengendarainya, banyak yang mengatakan bahwa matic ini akan segera hadir di Indonesia, kita tunggu saja apa nama besar untuk motor ini disini, apakah tetap dengan nama PCX atau yang lain.


  • Honda CV-Matic terbaru, Honda PCX juga Honda skuter pertama yang dilengkapi dengan Honda CV-Matic baru, desain yang diandalkan adalah V-belt transmisi, yang menawarkan kemudahan transmisi tanpa kehilangan energi yang tidak perlu.
  • Electric Starter, Selain itu, PCX akan menjadi pertama di dunia model 125 cc yang akan dilengkapi dengan starter ACG yang menggabungkan cell motor dan generator arus bolak-balik dan membantu mencapai ukuran mesin kompak dan pengurangan secara signifikan kebisingan saat mesin di-strater. Honda PCX dilengkapi dengan starter listrik, yang terbaru dirancang ulang PGM-FI sistem (injeksi bahan bakar) akan mendukung PCX 125i dalam segala cuaca, kelembaban dan temperatur, meskipun ada kick starter, hanya di jika anda lupa untuk mematikan lampu sehingga aki anda soak. Seperti kebanyakan Honda, PCX dilengkapi dengan penutup slot kunci untuk perlindungan yang lebih baik terhadap pencurian.
  • Start-Stop System, "idling stop systemi," yang secara otomatis menghentikan mesin ketika motor berhenti sementara, diadopsi untuk meningkatkan efisiensi bahan bakar (kecuali untuk model Amerika.) Selain itu, PCX sesuai dengan Standar Emisi, di samping saat ini standar emisi gas buang di Jepang, Eropa dan Amerika Serikat dengan Honda (PGM-FI ) dan perangkat katalis (katalisator) diinstal di knalpot.
  • CBS (Combined Brake System), semua model PCX akan dilengkapi dengan CBS (Combined Brake System untuk roda depan dan belakang) yang membantu mencapai performa pengereman stabil. Sistem komunikasi memutuskan pengikat siaga hidrolik dengan 3 piston sistem rem struktur PCX baru. Perusahaan dapat membeli sistem rem hidrolik. Yang datang dengan 3 silinder. Yang digunakan untuk pertama kalinya di Thailand. mungkin sama dengan standar keselamatan Eropa.
  • Anti-Theft Alarm System, Anti-Theft Alarm System dengan sistem alarm remote control. Dibangun pada standar baru sistem anti pencurian yang terintegrasi Dengan sepeda motor. Mengirim sistem suara dan alarm dengan segera. Ketika kendaraan bergerak atau ada getaran.
  • kaca depan skuter berwarna gelap memberikan citra modern serta menyediakan perlindungan angin untuk pengendara. Mengintegrasikan kontur yang ramping sempurna bagian depan.
  • dual desain lampu, ramping, miring ke atas-indikator, memberikan depan tampak eksklusif.
  • High-Tech panel instrumen, memiliki jarum speedometer yang dial di mesin, Kokpit ini juga dilengkapi dengan switch indikator inovatif untuk mesin Idle Stop, indikator bahan bakar dan praktis mudah dibaca , menambah kendaraan merasa modern.
  • Menggabungkan tinggi jok rendah dan panjang, luasnya pijakan kaki menciptakan aman dan santai, melengkapi perjalanan merasa bahwa performa yang halus. Jok yang nyaman menggabungkan kembali dukungan bagi pengendara dan daerah boncengan sepeda motor yang murah hati.
  • Bagasi Di bawah jok, kompartemen penyimpanan yang dikunci dapat menyimpan helm full-face dengan ruangan untuk cadangan.
  • kotak sarung tangan yang nyaman disediakan di bagian depan. Jika lebih banyak ruang penyimpanan yang diperlukan, pembawa belakang juga dapat membawa opsional 26-liter top box.

  • beroperasi dengan halus, mulus dan tidak berisik.
  • Dengan ringan, kompak konfigurasi SOHC, powerful, akselerasi yang cepat.
  • Ini juga mengintegrasikan sistem pendingin cairan (liquid cooling system) dengan radiator dibangun ke dalam mesin untuk ukuran kompak dan ringan.
  • Memiliki fitur Mesin Honda PGM-FI sistem injeksi bahan bakar yang menjamin mulus, daya pengiriman melalui kelancaran V-belt transmisi, sementara juga mengurangi emisi dan konsumsi bahan bakar.
  • Honda PCX yang mengesankan 46 kilometer per liter dengan Idle Stop, yang berarti memberikan kesempatan perjalanan walau jarak ke SPBU yang agak jauh untuk mengisi dengan tangki 6,2 liter.
  • Mesin efisiensi Bahan bakar yang didukung dengan penambahan Idle Stop inovatif Switch, yang pertama bagi Honda. Idle Stop berfungsi Ketika ini diaktifkan, mesin akan secara otomatis berhenti berjalan setelah 3 detik dari idle. Kemudian kembali dimulai ketika grip gas dipelintir. Idle Stop modus diaktifkan atau dinonaktifkan melalui tombol yang nyaman stang di sebelah kanan, dan meningkatkan efisiensi bahan bakar lain 5%.
  • Pemutar gas pada Honda PCX benar-benar komputerisasi/elektronik kontrol, tidak seperti karburator motor/skuter di mana gerakan pergelangan tangan benar-benar membuka sesuatu mekanik dalam karburator. Untuk Honda PCX sepenuhnya dikuasai komputer, tidak dengan membuka atau menutup mekanik ketika Anda membuka throttle/gas, Sebuah sensor elektronik yang mencatat posisi throttle dan sinyal ECU, ECU mengontrol bahan bakar injeksi dan Alternatif-Current Cell starter-motor yang cukup kuat untuk menghidupkan mesin sebelum Anda dapat melihat itu sebenarnya - memang sangat sulit mendengar bahwa mesin restart karena motor starter luar biasa dengan tanpa suara.
  • Honda PCX berbasis pipa baja tubular rangka Underbone. Melengkapi jok rendah dan area pijakan kaki diperluas, wheelbase 1.305 mm menciptakan rasa mudah, stabil keseimbangan. radius berputar yang pendek, mengurangi ketatnya ruang manuver .
  • High quality 14" ban menambah nyaman perjalanan. lima spoke cast roda aluminium dihentikan oleh rem dengan kehalusan Combined Brake System. Sistem ini menyetarakan kekuatan secara efektif diterapkan ke depan 220mm disc brake dan rem drum tromol yang kokoh di belakang, memberi kemulusan, progresif pengereman yang menambah stabilitas dan meningkatkan kepercayaan diri.
  • Sistem suspensi yang dikembangkan untuk kemudahan pengontrolan dan kenyamanan halus. Sebuah responsif a 31mm teleskopik garpu depan dan swingarm unit sesuai dengan dual shock suspensi belakang bergabung untuk memastikannya stabil, empuk.
Spesifikasi teknis PCX 125i:

-baru dikembangkan dengan minim gesekan
-Liquid cooled, 4-stroke, single-silinder mesin 125 cc,
-Fuel Injection
-13.5PS @ 9000rpm
-11.10Nm @ 7000rpm
-125kg (berat kering)
-6.2L (kapasitas bahan bakar)
-bahan bakar yang sangat baik ekonomi mencapai sekitar 50km/liter (ECE 40 MODE).

Varian warna HONDA PCX 125i :

-Black Nighthawk
-Silverstone Metallic
-Goldbullion Metallic

Dengan sasaran anak muda. Bentuknya panjang, rendah dan bulat bagian depan memberi gaya yang unik dan ekspresi kemewahan dinamis. Namun, skuter 125 mencakup berbagai peralatan keselamatan dan kenyamanan: double optical light, jok rendah , langkah panjang, bagasi besar di bawah kursi, kotak sarung tangan, instrumentasi penuh pada papan angka. semuanya bertujuan untuk kenyamanan pengemudi dan penumpang. (source: dari berbagai sumber)

scooter modif



Low ride Style comes up because the caster abject is fabricated lower 10 cm than the basic. The conception is connected with rear caster installing from car rim of Toyota Kijang 5 inch customustomized. Original Shape anatomy was recustomized with relying on additive from fiberglass. This acceptable change is apparent from its anatomy by giving asthmatic from acrilyc. the change is connected to installing tyre, advanced and rear. The added art is, both caster now is installed by bifold disc. But for rear diskbrake of larboard ancillary is installed insde of CVT cover. The finals step, dejected colour acrylic accumulated with white artefact Blinken is coverred scootermatic anatomy artefact 2004.

Modification abstracts Advanced tire: Swallow 100/70-14 Rear tire: Delitire 140/70-14 handlebar: custom Rear disk: Kitaco Advanced discbrake: Kawasaki Ninja Muffler: custom

Yamaha T-Max Scooter Picture

Yamaha T-Max Scooter Picture
Yamaha T-Max Scooter Picture

Yamaha T-MAX is the scooter with 2 cylinder, accommodation of 499cc, DOHC, aqueous cooled, ability was able to barf 43.5HP at 7500 RPM. Torsion that is big abundant 45 Nm at 6500 RPM! Brakes advanced and rear disc anchor ... already! Moreover, there is additionally a adaptation that is affirmed ABS anchor and the abeyant weaknesses that tend scooter agent anchor can do! Tank accommodation of 15 liters .. Motor has a weight of 221 kg for the non-ABS and 225 kg for the ABS!

Yamaha T-Max scooter comes with an affected architecture with a adventurous aspect that has aerial achievement of a ample achievement this Yamaha big scooter.

Two ample headlamp on the advanced up with the architecture and arresting lamps that bout with the headlamp, and accomplish the advanced of the T-Max has a bland corner. Well admired and ablaze generated by the headlamp and arresting lights accept to accommodated the aegis element.

In addition, the affected console in the speedometer, adequate and be apparent that T-Max is actual adequate back ride, is to architecture seat such as the sofa.

In accession to the architecture and convenience, in my T-Max will be the agreement with the abutment good adjustment CF Die-casting aluminum anatomy Diamond, so that the administration of abutment adherence this yamaha big scooter.

Cool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider Scooter

Cool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider ScooterCool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider Scooter rear view

Cool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider ScooterCool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider Scooter Side View

motor specifications new 2010 Yamaha Byson 160 CC

Each and every part of the Yamaha Byson 160 has been designed with a lot of attention and caution. This final level of perfection means even the slightest feature not overlooked. Only Yamaha 160 Byson guarantee this kind of expertise. Riders and machines to share a sense of unity, and from different angles the impression is different. This is mainly because the best components were used in the manufacturing right. Yamaha Byson 160 to have it both rough and coarse expression as well as a certain subtlety. Most likely this bike will be coming soon this year.

Spesifikasi :


Engine type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement 153.0cm3
Bore & Stroke 58.0 × 57.9mm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Maximum output 14PS / 7500 rpm
Maximum torque 14 N.m / 6000 rpm
Starting method Electric starter
Lubrication type Wet sump
Carburetor type BS26
Clutch type Constant mesh wet multiplate
Ignition type CDI
Primary/secondary reduction ratio 3.409 / 2.857
Transmission type Return type 5-speed


Frame type Diamond
Suspension (front/rear) Telescopic / Monocross
Wheelbase 1,335mm
Brake type(front/rear) Hydraulic single disc / drum
Tire size (front/rear) 100/80-17 / 140/60-R17


Overall Length × Width × Height 1,975mm × 770mm × 1,045mm
Seat height 790mm
Wheelbase 1,335mm
Minimum ground clearance 160mm
Dry weight/Curb weight 126 kg / 137 kg
Fuel tank volume 12 liters
Engine oil volume 1.2 liters

Bajaj Pulsar 180 cc Modified

Bajaj Pulsar 250 ccBajaj Pulsar 250 cc

Bajaj Pulsar 180 cc Repsol Style ModifiedBajaj Pulsar 180 cc Repsol Style Modified

Bajaj Pulsar 180 cc ModifiedBajaj Pulsar 180 cc Modified

2010 Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition

2010 Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition
2010 Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition Picture

Ducati North America is appreciative to advertise the 848 Nicky Hayden Edition. This arresting accouter places a audibly American brand on the market’s best middleweight action bike. The 848 Nicky Hayden was publically apparent at the 2009 Red Bull United States Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, area Nicky’s MotoGP chase bike was presented in a analogous scheme. There could be no bigger time or abode to bless the American World Champion than at his home chase on the 4th of July.

This US-exclusive archetypal appearance an American aggressive acrylic scheme, appropriately fit for its addition on the 4th of July, alone autographed gas tank, and archetypal updates for the 2010 year. Check out the video of the Nicky’s photo shoot with the bike below!

The new Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition enjoys all the achievement advancements of the absolute Superbike family, while abacus its own innovations to redefine the middleweight action bike class.

The words ‘agile’ and ‘refined’ appropriately call the 848. At 168kg (369lbs), the 848 is an amazing 20kg (44lbs) lighter than its predecesso

2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 Wallpaper

2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 Wallpaper
2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 Picture
2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 Photo
2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 HD Wallpaper

Minerva Sachs R 150 VX

Minerva R 150 VX untuk sektor mesin, Minerva Sachs R150VX dilengkapi mesin 150 cc SOHC yang mampu menghasilkan tenaga sebesar 13,5 PS pada 9.500 rpm. Selain itu Minerva R150VX juga dilengkapi oil cooler dan advanced balancer shaft guna mengurangi getaran mesin.

Minerva R 150 VX

dengan fitur-fitur canggih, menjadikan Minerva R 150 VX sebagai trendsetter baru dikelasnya.

Minerva Minerva mengklaim bahwa genarasi terbaru ini telah mengaplikasi beberapa fitur yang diunggulkan, sebut saja Projection Lamp, Digital Speedometer, Monosock Absorber, Sporty Muffler, Rear Disc Brake dan Twinker LED Lamp. Disain yang futuristik dan sporti dilengkapi dMotor Sport 2010 Minerva Sachs R 150 VX

Minerva Sachs R 150 VX

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